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Our Discography

2016. Evil Never Dies

Released in September 2016, 'Evil Never Dies' was the resurrection of Lesbian Bed Death. The album features founder member Mr Peach, lead guitarist Vik Voodoo, new singer Sienna Venom and drummer Russ Gwynne. Both Vik Voodoo and Russ played on the band's debut album 'I Use My Powers For Evil'. Evil Never Dies boasts a contemporary twist on the band's classic sound and has received rave reviews from press and fans. Singles include the title track, Son of a Thousand Maniacs and Satan in the Swamps.

2013. The Devil's Bounty Hunters

Released to fans via in December 2013, and officially released worldwide in April 2014, The Devil's Bounty Hunters was recorded at the legendary Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire (UK) and is the band's fourth album to date. Includes the singles, 'Broken' and 'Dark Passenger'. Due to popular demand, three acoustic bonus tracks were added, which show a new dimension to the songs.

2012. Riot Of The Living Dead

This was the first LBD album to feature Kittie Racchea on vocals and features the singles, 'Halloween', 'Chains' and 'Soul Sucker'. Released as a Limited Edition digipack and includes a region free DVD with all of the band's music videos that had been filmed prior to this album's release. This edition also includes three additional bonus tracks which are re-recorded versions featuring Kittie on vocals.

2010. Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead

This is the second LBD album which features the singles, 'Bela Lugosi's Back', 'Sinner', and the original versions of 'Moonlight' and the title track. It also includes the epic Gothic ballad 'Without A Sound.'

2006. I Use My Powers For Evil

Our debut album. The guest musicans on this album reads as a 'Who's Who' from the local rock scene at the time. It was initially intended to be a 'one off' album, that was done purely for fun, and was expected to disappear fairly quickly. We could never have imagined the incredible response it received. Even now, many people herald it as a 'Cult Classic', which is a huge compliment. To us, it was just a group of friends having some fun. Who'd have known that it would spawn a monster?

2013. Chains

The third single from 'Riot Of The Living Dead'. This song has proven to be a very popular song live. It bridges the Gothic and Hard Rock sides of the band, whilst maintaining a pop sensibility. The B-Side is a re-imagining / remix of Seven Days by our friend Lucas Swann (from the band Uninvited Guest). This single has only been released in digital format.

2012. Soul Sucker

The second single from 'Riot Of The Living Dead'. The accompanying music video was the sequal to the 'Moonlight' video. The B-Side is a Lady Gaga cover, and the band had a great time putting a rock twist on a great pop song. This single has only been released in digital format.

2012. Halloween

This was the first single from the 'Riot Of The Living Dead' album, and is a huge anthem for the band. The B-Side is a Kiss cover. Mr Peach (LBD founder member/guitarist) is a huge Kiss fan, and this is one of his favourite tracks. We put our own spin on our version, and are extremely proud of it. This single has only been released in digital format.